Marula Primary School and Mawuya Secondary School :


School resources such as textbooks are a necessary need in a child’s education, as

lack of them can make learning and producing a good work product difficult.

The organization's aim has been to facilitate each student without texts books to

have their own text books for each class subject as every other student that does

at both Marula Primary School near Plumtree and Mawuya Secondary School in Karoi.

 We have had several fundraisers for this cause however the amounts raised were only

 able to suffice for books at Marula Primary School as they are more affordable,

leaving the Secondary school still in dire need of text books.


 Lack of school resources such as textbooks or anything necessary for them to learn,

forces children to be unmotivated and miss the major lessons required in their school

curriculum for them to prepare for examinations and be able to fair well against other

schools with all resources.


 In this age it is unfair and unacceptable that there are still some students whose

educational progress is hindered by lack of resources at their schools, and they are

still  expected to produce the same standard of work product as those that attend

schools with all resources. Through sourcing funds for these two schools and their

causes we hope to :


  • Ensure improvement in the education standards of students at less advantaged


  • Motivate the students to want to learn as having resources provides a conducive learning environment;
  • Encourage more individuals in the community to help make a difference.


We have also donated classroom furniture to Marula Primary School through the assistance of a furniture manufacturing company Ruach Manufacturing who willingly donated their time, resources, employees to refurbish the run down furniture there at no cost, but all for the purpose of making a difference.


Mawuya Secondary School was met with an unfortunate incident where its boarding hostels were burnt down by a fire, therefore, there is now a need for beds for their boarders as it is a boarding school in the rural community of Karoi.



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