Rising Hope Foundation was formed in 2009. Realizing that schools in our less advantaged communities and rural areas lack educational resources to provide students with an effective modern learning environment.  This inhibits their educational progress from having bright futures and being employable successful leaders.


Our goal is to contribute toward the education of our children. To help eradicate food insecurity and poverty for our nation’s children. Develop their ability to generate sources of income through sustainable use of the natural resources available in Zimbabwe and increase their standard of living.


The organization aims to:


1. Assist in improving and producing more conducive learning environments at schools lacking in resources.


2. To be the conduit for computer education in rural schools by providing computers and qualified computer teachers to teach computer skills in schools and surrounding communities.


3. To provide necessary  education assistance.


4. To provide for health and social needs of orphans and vulnerable members of the community.


5. To alleviate poverty by assisting disadvantaged orphaned children have access to education, food and generate income and wealth through sustainable use of natural resources to raise their standards of living


6. To provide training of women, youths and other vulnerable groups to acquire knowledge and skills to empower them to make life changes.


7. To fund income generating projects for the care of vulnerable identified groups.


8.  To work with our local authorities (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Gender, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Youth Development, indigenization and Empowerment, Politicians, Community and Parents, Donors and Sponsors) in our efforts to achieve our mission


Rising-Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

Donations to Rising-Hope Foundation are tax deductible.

Our tax identification number is 82-4980493