Samahuru Secondary School:

This is a school in the rural district of Tsholotsho. With an enrollment of 213 students. The school is in a community of people who are mostly unemployed and have no source of income to provide clean water.


The community has a population of 2800 people. There are no dams or rivers to provide water. The Foundation has taken this community as part of theirs. A generator, jojo tanks, taps have been amongst the community's ask to in aid providing water to the school and community.


These will be used for the following:


  • water for domestic use
  • tree growing and caring including nursery
  • vegetable gardening
  • crop planting like maize and other farm produce.
  • poultry projects
  • water for community use and livestock


  • Availability of water would improve the life of children at the school and community. Water born diseases would be curbed.
  • Improve the vegetation and environment. There would be food grown for consumption by all in community. There would be training programs for the community to grow crops for sustainable living and create markets to sell these crops for them. The surplus would be sold to raise funds for the school.
  • Funds for school construction, books and stationery.

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